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Does Your Albany Investment Property Have You Up at Night?

How do you know you selected the right investment property? The best way to know is if you sleep well at night. If you sleep well, you probably selected the right property. If you’re not sleeping well, and it’s always on your mind, it may not be the right investment for you. Today, we’re talking about how to determine whether you made the right choice. (more…)

How to Find Deals | Landlord Tips from an Albany Property Management Expert

The number one thing I hear right now is: I can’t find deals. I think people are looking in all the places they normally look, and they probably are not finding as many. But there are always opportunities. Investors who have done this for 30 years have found deals in every market. New investors don’t always realize that they have to get creative. (more…)

Property Damage from a Bad Tenant? Importance of Choosing the Right Albany Property Management Company

There are some things that you don’t want to do if you are a landlord. One of the things you don’t want to do is select the wrong property manager because then the wrong property manager can place the wrong tenant in your property. The result can be excessive and expensive property damage. Today, we’re on location learning about the perils of placing the wrong tenant in your property. (more…)

What Does a Good Property Manager in Albany, NY Do?

The one question that I’m still surprised to get every week is this one: what does an Albany property manager do? Because I’m a professional property manager, I think I expect everyone to know this. I at least expect people in the real estate industry to know this. If you own properties or you’re a landlord or a realtor, I always assume you will know what a property manager does. But, everyone still asks the question, so we’re answering that today. (more…)