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Brock Forkey, Our Founder, has been a lifelong entrepreneur. In grade school he started selling garbage pail kids and big league chew to kids in his class. By the time Brock was in fourth grade he was going door to door offering his pet sitting services to the neighborhood.

After graduating from high school, Brock went into the construction industry, and kept hearing co-workers talk about rental properties. He got very excited about the real estate industry.

Brock purchased his first property in 1999 and by 2001 owned 80 properties and a few Laundromats. By this point he was 24 years old, with a lot of responsibility and much to learn about the business.

The first five years were really tuff trying to figure out how to select the right tenants, creating good relationships with city officials, code enforcement, creating systems and processes, learning all the laws, and handling many more evictions than he should have.

At the time Brock thought that he was the only person going through these problems. But then he started receiving phone calls from real estate investors and landlords asking for help with their properties.

In 2007 Brock began to put a team together of like minded individuals to help owners with all aspects of their rental properties.

Over the years our entire team has learned how to effectively manage a property from the owners prospective while wowing the tenants with exceptional service.

Today we manage properties from Poughkeepsie to Niagara Falls. We have properties and staff in all major metro upstate cities. We manage a real estate portfolio of approximately $80,000,000 for owners from around the world.

We help owners with property management, construction, and real estate brokerage services.