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Property Damage from a Bad Tenant? Importance of Choosing the Right Albany Property Management Company

There are some things that you don’t want to do if you are a landlord. One of the things you don’t want to do is select the wrong property manager because then the wrong property manager can place the wrong tenant in your property. The result can be excessive and expensive property damage. Today, we’re on location learning about the perils of placing the wrong tenant in your property.

Tenant Eviction Leading to Damage

An owner hired us to evict a tenant who wasn’t paying rent, and once we successfully evicted the tenant, we came to the property to assess the damage that was left behind. The right property manager will find good tenants and protect your investment. To avoid damage like what we found here, make sure you find the right tenants and qualify them. Before these tenants moved in, this property was freshly renovated with new windows, siding, floors, and an updated bathroom. Today, it is destroyed.

Property Management Albany: Avoiding Bad Tenants

These particular tenants left all their belongings here in the home. There’s a bed in the living room and the word “slumlord” painted on the walls. They purposely put a hole in the wall, and it’s bad. They wrote in sharpie marker on the walls and put handprints there. They took the vanity right out of the bathroom. It’s creepy, and it smells in the property. There are more holes all throughout the house. In the kitchen, they tore holes through the wall down to the studs. They did this just because they could, and they should be held criminally liable. I’ve never had tenants who did such deliberate damage. The lesson is to make sure you know who you’re hiring and make sure you know who you’re renting to.

Good Property Management Makes a Difference

We don’t run into these problems with the tenants we place. Anything is possible, but this is the direct result of not selecting the right tenant. Whoever choose this tenant did not do the due diligence that’s required. You wouldn’t have people ripping holes in the walls down to the studs. Look into a prospective tenant’s background, and you’ll know they could be trouble. This tenant placement was done poorly.

The Lesson: qualify your tenants well, because no one wants to go through this. In this case, the owner lost six months of rent and now all this damage has to be repaired and paid for. The tenant’s stuff has to be removed because they won’t be coming back for it. Money has been wasted.

Albany & Schenectady property management
We give you a 12 month guarantee on tenants. Hopefully this helps you realize the importance of hiring the right Albany property management company and finding the right tenants. If you need help or have questions, please contact us at Real Capital Group.

Posted by: Brock Forkey on August 15, 2017
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