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Is It Necessary to Advertise Your Albany Rental Property with Professional Pictures?

Pictures and photography are very important when you’re selling or leasing a property. Today, we’re talking about why it’s important and what kind of results it will help you achieve.

Online Advertising and Photographs

Almost all of your prospective tenants are spending most of their time looking for properties online. This is the way that renters and buyers are viewing properties, and that’s why pictures are so important. If you don’t have any pictures to go with your online listing, people are simply going to skip it. When your goal is to attract as many potential tenants as possible, you need to make your advertisement worth looking at. A collection of high quality photos will help.

Benefits of Professional Photos

When you have great photos, your property will look its best. You’ll have more people calling or emailing to scheduling showings, and those tenants will have a more accurate idea of what to expect when they see your home. Make sure your photography is done right, because that’s what will attract people.

Property Condition

When you’re taking your photos, make sure your property is in excellent condition. The photos are only going to work the way you want them to if your rental home actually looks good. Make sure everything is clean and that all the clutter and debris is picked up and out of the camera shots. Ensure that you have enough lighting and pay attention to detail.

Albany & Schenectady property managementAt Real Capital Group, our Albany property management services include putting together an extensive marketing strategy for our owners when they need to advertise their vacant homes. Providing outstanding pictures is just one part of this plan. If you have any questions about how we market your property to reduce vacancy time and find you a great tenant, please contact us at Real Capital Group. We’d be happy to tell you more.

Posted by: Brock Forkey on August 8, 2017
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